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April 2013

How long does it take to get a divorce in Utah?

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California judge gets it right

I came across this article and video by the Huffington Post, which describe a new one-day divorce program in Sacramento, California.  Sacramento Judge James Mize has designed and initiated a speedy divorce program for low income couples.  Each Friday, couples are invited to divorce court, where they are provided with a free lawyer who assists in drafting the necessary divorce papers.  Read More

The Endgame — Sentencing and Sentencing Guidelines

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At the end of the day, jail is almost never the answer. Study after study shows that jail rarely helps prevent future crime. In cases where the judge requires punishment, our clients are rarely sentenced to jail. We have had great success persuading judges to impose community service, fines, or counseling rather than jail. Unfortunately, in a few cases, incarceration is unavoidable.  Some people go to jail, some go to prison — for days or for years. However, hiring a good criminal defense attorney will give you the best chance at staying out of jail or minimizing any jail time when it is unavoidable. Read More