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Aggravated Murder

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Hire an experienced murder attorney in the Salt Lake City area.

Utah Murder Charges

Being charged with murder or aggravated murder generally means that you are suspected to have caused the death of someone. 

You may be suspected to have caused the death either intentionally, intended to inflict serious, life-threatening injury on the person or have shown indifference to human life.

A murder charge or being involved in a murder case is considered very serious in our society. It may cause people to turn against you and it is unlikely that you will garner sympathy from others. 

If you are charged with murder or even attempted murder, you should seek legal assistance expeditiously so that you can get ahead of your case. 

Capital or Aggravated Murder Defense 

There are some murder charges that may be considered aggravated murder under the law depending on the circumstances surrounding the charge. Such charges could potentially qualify a defendant for a capital murder punishment.

The type of circumstances that could qualify for a potential capital murder punishment include if the murder was:

  • Committed to avoid arrest
  • Committed for the purpose of financial gain 
  • If the intent was to murder for hijacking
  • Or if the defendant has prior convictions for murder or a violent felony

This is not a comprehensive list of the circumstances that could qualify a case for a capital murder charge.

If you have been charged with murder or aggravated murder, time is of the essence. Be sure to hire a skilled criminal defense attorney to represent you.

The Utah code that defined Aggravated Murder is linked here.

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