Do I need an attorney?

In almost all cases, an attorney can achieve a better result than someone who is not familiar with legal rules and strategy. However, if you are at all concerned about spending money, you will have to carefully consider whether your case is serious enough to merit hiring an attorney to represent you. Most routine traffic matters do not require an attorney because the consequences are minimal. However, if you have several other tickets already and one more ticket could result in a suspended license, then hiring an attorney may be worth the extra cost.Attorney help - Utah Attorney Intermountain Legal Salt Lake City 84106

If you have been charged with a more serious crime, you will most likely face more severe penalties, and if you are convicted, that conviction will appear on your criminal record. This may affect your employment, your reputation, your freedom, your family, and your finances. In this case, you will have to decide if spending money to hire an attorney up front is worth achieving a better outcome overall. If you don’t know what all of the factors are that you should consider, you may want to call for a free consultation.


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