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If you have been charged with a crime in Fillmore, Utah, you need a criminal defense attorney who has experience working with the Fillmore criminal court system. The city of Fillmore has perhaps the most surprising set of crime statistics in all the state of Utah. While the rates for property crimes such as burglary and larceny and even the rates for violent crimes such as rape and assault are significantly lower than those found in the rest of the state, Fillmore has the highest murder rate in all of Utah. In fact, the murder rate in Fillmore is 44% higher than the rate for the entire United States. These dramatic crime statistics give Fillmore’s criminal justice system a unique dynamic. The criminal defense lawyers at Intermountain Legal have extensive experience defending cases in Fillmore. Because they have relationships with the judges and the prosecuting attorneys and because they understand how the criminal court system works in Fillmore, Utah, they can help you get the best possible outcome in your criminal case.

Although they work frequently in Fillmore and the rest of Millard County, the criminal defense attorneys at Intermountain Legal are based in Salt Lake City. This gives you the advantage of an attorney who is able to specialize exclusively in criminal defense. Local lawyers who work out of smaller towns like Fillmore frequently do not have the luxury of being able to specialize in one area of the law. Because they have a smaller pool from which to draw their clients, their law practice must be more general, not allowing them the time or the opportunity to become experts in any one area. At Intermountain Legal our criminal defense lawyers not only focus only on criminal defense, they are able to further specialize their practices to specific crimes such as DUI and Domestic Violence. When you speak with one of our criminal defense attorneys you can be confidant that they have all the knowledge and experience to answer your questions and help you successfully navigate the Fillmore criminal justice system.

Criminal Defense Law in Fillmore Utah

Fillmore, Utah is home to four separate courts, three of which are Millard County courts. Therefore, a person charged with a crime anywhere in Millard County will most likely have his or her case assigned to a court located in Fillmore. Cases are assigned to one of the Fillmore courts depending on the severity of the charges and the age of the defendant.

First, the Fillmore City Justice Court deals with class B and C misdemeanors as well as traffic infractions committed within the territorial boundaries of Fillmore. The Fillmore City Justice Court is presided over by Judge Stanley K. Robison and is located at 75 West Center, Fillmore, Utah. Fillmore City Justice Court has its own prosecuting attorney, Kaela Jackson, who offices in Delta, Utah. The Fillmore City Justice Court is open the second and fourth Friday of each month by appointment only. If you have been charged with a crime such as possession of drug paraphernalia or shoplifting under $300 within the city of Fillmore you can expect that your case will be heard at the Fillmore City Justice Court.

Similarly, the Millard County Justice Court is authorized to hear cases involving class B and C isdemeanors as well as traffic infractions which occurred inside the territorial boundaries of Millard County. The Millard County Justice Court is presided over by Judge Debra L. Haveron and is located at 765 South Highway 99, Suite 2, in Fillmore, Utah. Examples of the types of charges that would be handled at the Millard County Justice Court are assault, resisting arrest, and driving on a suspended license.

More serious crimes, including class A misdemeanors and felonies, are assigned to the Utah District Court for Millard County. Judge M. James Brady presides over the Fillmore District Court, which is located at 765 South Highway 99, Suite 6, Fillmore, Utah. You can expect to have your charges handled at the District Court for Millard County if you have been charged with murder, residential burglary, forging prescriptions, or a similarly serious crime.

Fillmore is also home to the Fourth District Juvenile Court. The Fillmore Juvenile Count services all of southern Millard County. This court handles all federal, state, or municipal cases involving minors eighteen years old or younger. Judge Sterling B. Sainsbury presides. The juvenile court is located in the same building as the Utah Forth District Court in Fillmore Utah.

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Statistics show that defendants in Fillmore, Utah who have the help of an experienced criminal defense lawyer consistently have better outcomes in their criminal cases. Contact Intermountain Legal and get the skill and knowledge that you deserve. When you call us you will speak directly to a criminal defense attorney. We will listen to the unique circumstances of your criminal case and help you know how to proceed to minimize the impact of your criminal charge on your future. We will put all of our experience with the Fillmore criminal justice system to work for you to help you get the best possible result in your criminal case so that you can put it behind you and move on with your life.