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The criminal defense attorneys at Intermountain Legal have dedicated their careers to helping people who are facing serious criminal charges. As a team, our defense lawyers have spent thousands of hours in court and have successfully handled thousands of criminal cases ranging from DUI, drug, and theft cases to domestic violence and homicide cases.

From this experience, our firm has gained an intimate knowledge of the ins and outs of the criminal court system. Our defense attorneys use this knowledge to guide you through the difficult court process. When you call us, we promise to give you straightforward answers and do everything in our power to protect your future and your freedom.

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Our Team of Defense Attorneys

Our defense attorneys include a former prosecutor, a former mediator, and an attorney formerly employed by the Utah Supreme Court. Because we have experience on all sides of the criminal court system, we know what really works and what doesn’t. We have handled nearly every type of criminal case, including DUIDrugdomestic violencetheftassaultsex abuse, and homicide. We strive to build and maintain relationships with judges and prosecutors and we are known as excellent, hardworking defense attorneys who find creative solutions to achieve our clients’ goals.

Criminal Defense Practice Areas

DUI Attorney Information

Many people who are charged with a DUI in Utah do not realize the severe consequences they are facing. A conviction may result in jail time, fines, alcohol treatment, and probation. In addition to court- ordered sentences, the Utah Driver License Division may also suspend your license simply because you were arrested for DUI. Second offenses or Felony DUI’s can have even more severe consequences, and can be complicated because of the scientific nature of the evidence.

Our attorneys have prosecuted and defended hundreds of DUI cases. We know what it takes to get a conviction and what it takes to get a reduction or dismissal. We have the knowledge and experience to challenge the evidence and get you the best outcome. Our attorneys can tell you the strengths and weaknesses of your case and determine the appropriate strategy to obtain the best result for you. Contact a DUI Attorney.

Domestic Violence Attorney Information

Utah Domestic Violence cases can be very frustrating and the consequences can be severe. Because Utah laws are so strict, many people are charged with domestic violence for very minor things, or they are charged with something much more severe than they deserve. Some penalties for a conviction include: fines, possible jail time, probation, loss of hunting rights for life, possible loss of employment, etc.

Our domestic violence attorneys have experience on both sides of the court system. Our lead trial attorney, Steven K. Burton, worked as a domestic violence prosecutor for multiple cities in Salt Lake County. He now uses his knowledge of the system to help people who are facing the consequences of Utah’s strict laws. Contact a Domestic Violence Attorney.

Drug Possession and Drug Distribution Attorney Information

Facing a drug charge in Utah can be very frightening because Utah judges are often more strict than other judges. Penalties for convictions include jail time, fines, and drug treatment. You may also face collateral consequences to having a drug conviction, such as losing your license or losing your job. Hiring a good defense lawyer can make a difference when you are facing any criminal charge. An experienced defense attorney can negotiate with the prosecutor to keep a drug conviction off your record.

Our attorneys have experience defending and prosecuting drug cases. They will take the time to consider the evidence against you and determine the best strategy to get you the best result in your case. Contact a Drug Possession and Drug Distribution Attorney.

Violent Crimes Attorney Information

Violent crimes include assault, aggravated assault, robbery, kidnapping, gun charges, manslaughter, homicide and/or murder. Judges and prosecuting attorneys consider these crimes to be much more serious than other crimes. Judges are more likely to impose jail time and prosecutors are less likely to reduce the charges.

To defend against violent crime charges, you must have a defense attorney who will stand up for you and tell your side of the story. Because our criminal lawyers have worked on the other side of the courtroom, we know which strategies will help your case and which will harm your case. When you speak with one of our attorneys, we will discuss your case with you, evaluate the evidence, and determine what approach will lead to your best outcome. Contact a Violent Crimes Attorney.

Theft Attorney Information

Theft charges include crimes such as shoplifting, identity theft, credit card fraud, and embezzlement. Penalties for a conviction can range from fines and restitution to jail or prison time depending on the severity of the theft. Some cases, such as shoplifting, often have videos and witness while other cases have very little evidence. Our theft attorneys will analyze all the evidence to determine the legal approach that will produce the best outcome for you. Contact a Theft Attorney.

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