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Molly Can’t Stop; Molly Won’t Stop: MDMA Pop Culture References and Ecstasy Possession

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Molly Can’t Stop; Molly Won’t Stop: Resurgence of MDMA Pop Culture References and Ecstasy Use.

Officials in Utah are concerned about the resurgence of MDMA, also know as ecstasy, in the state. Christina Zidow, the clinical director of Odyssey House, explained that originally when MDMA was referred to as Molly it was an indication that MDMA was in its purest form. However, the resurgence of Molly has not held true to that original connotation. Often times using Ecstasy can be dangerous because of the unknown potency of the drug. A user may take the same dose as previously taken, but experience a more severe effect because the potency is much greater. Officials in Utah are concerned that the many recent pop culture references are contributing the the recent increased use in Utah. Read More

Prescription Painkillers Abuse Can Affect All Types of People in Utah

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Medical science does a pretty good job of alleviating pain suffered from acute injury or short-term medical procedures. Treating long-term chronic pain is not so easy, however. Doctors want to help patients whose lives are disrupted by back problems or arthritis or other chronic conditions. However, prescription pain medications are addictive and easily abused. The illegal sale of these pharmaceuticals has become a major public health problem in Utah. Read More

Paying a High Price for Getting High: Criminal Defense Attorney Tip of the Week

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What Does Not Work: Claiming that the excruciating pain from your inoperable cancer can only be helped by smoking a little marijuana — “This is medical marijuana, man — and if I lose my drivers license, how will I will I get to my chemo appointments? I probably do not have that long to live, anyway.” Read More