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How do I get a Domestic Violence No Contact Order dismissed?

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There are several different types of “protective orders” in domestic violence cases.  If you are sent to jail for domestic violence, the jail should have you sign something called a Jail Release No Contact Agreement, which is kind of like a protective order, but is only temporary until you go to court and see the judge.  If your spouse wants, she/he can waive the No Contact Order against you by signing a written waiver, or, when you go to court on your criminal case, you can ask the judge to remove it.  Also, you may be able to hire a domestic violence attorney to negotiate with the prosecutor to have it removed before you go to court. Read More

The Trial Before The Trial

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When is a trial not a trial? Answer: When it is a preliminary hearing.

If you are arrested on felony or Class A misdemeanor charges, you have the right to a preliminary hearing.

While misdemeanor charges are a lower offense, a conviction can lead to a jail term up to a year. When you are facing loss of liberty, fines, penalties and a criminal record, a preliminary hearing is an opportunity you cannot afford to ignore. Read More