What is a Pre-trial Conference in Utah?

Pre-trial conferences happen in both felony and misdemeanor cases.  It is an opportunity for you and the other side to try to reach a resolution without having to go to trial.  About 95% of all criminal cases do not go to trial, and are often resolved in pre-trial conferences.  You or your attorney will meet with the prosecutor, outside of the presence of the judge, to discuss the case.  Your attorney will present your side of the story so the prosecutor has more information to make a good decision. Your case can be dismissed in a pre-trial conference, or more often the prosecutor will make an offer to resolve the case.  You and your attorney can discuss that offer to decide if it is a fair resolution that can benefit you in the long run.

If you cannot reach a resolution at the pre-trial conference the case can continue toward trial, or may be rescheduled for additional pre-trial conferences in an effort to negotiate fair offers to resolve your case.

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