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Writing too many bad checks or using a check that wasn’t legally yours can result in a charge for check fraud. If you are facing check fraud charges, an experienced attorney can help you make the most of a difficult situation.

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Turn to Intermountain Legal. Worrying won’t help. Finding the right attorney will. Former prosecutor Steven K. Burton has handled thousands of criminal cases and has won more than 100 criminal trials. He handles all types of criminal cases, including fraud and identity theft cases. Now he uses his experience to help people avoid the harsh penalties that can result from a conviction. He understands what prosecutors expect and want. It may help you to know that many check fraud charges can be reduced or dismissed by making restitution to the account holder. After all, putting you in jail isn’t in anybody’s best interest.

We Represent Minors in Juvenile Court, Too

If your minor-aged child is facing juvenile charges because of check forgery or unauthorized use of someone else’s credit card, we can help. We know how important it is to keep a conviction of a young person’s record. Attorney Steve Burton works diligently to find alternatives that will resolve the offense, without ruining a promising future.

We will represent clients in all types of identity theft fraud cases, including misdemeanors and felonies such as:

  • Theft by check, check forgery, unauthorized use of a check card
  • Unauthorized withdrawal from a bank account or ATM
  • Internet credit card fraud, phishing
  • Credit card fraud
  • Embezzlement
  • Mortgage or loan fraud

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