Methamphetamine Possession in Utah

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Many jurisdictions throughout the United States take a harsh, if often controversial, approach when it comes to the enforcement of drug laws and the punishment for drug crimes. Utah is no exception. Strict and life-altering penalties apply for those found to possess or have in their system even small amounts of certain drugs. The penalties for methamphetamine possession, a Schedule II drug, are especially harsh, even for personal use. If you or a loved one has been charged with possession of meth in Utah, it’s essential you have a criminal defense attorney on your side. The team at Intermountain Legal includes a former prosecutor and defense attorneys with a proven record of success in managing drug possession cases. We support, reassure and fight for our clients throughout each step of the difficult criminal process.

Methamphetamine crimes in UtahPossession of Methamphetamine in Utah. Bag of meth crystal.

Under the Utah Controlled Substances Act, possession of any amount of methamphetamine, even if for personal use, is a third-degree felony. Possession with intent to distribute as well as subsequent convictions after the first offense carries even more severe penalties. Property owners and lessees may also face criminal liability for knowingly allowing drug users to occupy their property. Since what constitutes possession is sometimes open to interpretation, it is far too common for innocent people to face drug charges because of overzealous law enforcement — or by simply being in the wrong place at the wrong time. If you find yourself in either situation, you need to contact Intermountain Legal.

To successfully defend those facing drug charges, a lawyer must be able to make their clients stand out from the crowd. Judges see hundreds of these types of cases and tend to assume the worst about the defendants they deal with. An effective lawyer commands the judge’s attention and makes him or her see why the charges are unwarranted or why the defendant deserves leniency. Moreover, attorneys must be able to work with prosecutors to negotiate dismissals and favorable plea bargains — a skill with which our former prosecutors are especially adept. Whether you were caught with meth or charged with possession of OxyContin, we can help.

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