When Charged with Murder or Homicide, Do Not Hesitate to Seek Help from Attorneys Who Fight Hard to Protect Your Rights

Seasoned Salt Lake City lawyers aggressively defend against homicide charges

At Intermountain Legal, we devote our practice to effectively defending clients accused of criminal offenses in Salt Lake City and throughout Utah. Our team offers aggressive representation along with intelligent defense strategies, ensuring that we can handle even the most serious criminal charges, including murder and homicide.

Strong representation in the face of serious criminal charges

Each experienced defense attorney at Intermountain Legal has tried numerous homicide cases, and understands the thorough preparation and steadfast focus required to obtain a favorable result in the face of these serious charges. Homicide is a general term that includes the killing of another, either lawfully or unlawfully. Accordingly, both murder and manslaughter are homicide crimes, while killing committed in self-defense is a lawful homicide. Please see our manslaughter and violent crimes pages for more information about these crimes and the penalties associated with each.

Understanding murder charges in Utah

In Utah, you can be charged with murder if you are suspected of causing the death of another person under certain circumstances:

  • Intentionally
  • With intent to cause serious injury that is clearly life-threatening
  • Through actions that show a depraved indifference to human life

Our society considers murder a heinous crime, and juries are generally unsympathetic to those charged with murder. The accusation alone can cause people to turn against you and assume your guilt. Therefore, if you are charged with murder, you need to accept the seriousness of the situation and seek the prompt and aggressive assistance of an experienced Salt Lake City lawyer. At Intermountain Legal, firm founder Steven K. Burton was a prosecutor before establishing our criminal defense practice, giving us unique insight into tactics used by the State to prosecute defendants. Utilizing this knowledge, we fight to protect our clients’ rights and futures, whether at trial or during negotiations.

Capital murder cases

Certain murder charges are considered aggravated murder and carry the possibility of a death sentence. The special circumstances that may qualify a defendant for a capital murder punishment include:

  • The murder was especially heinous, atrocious, cruel or depraved
  • The murder was committed incident to a hijacking
  • The defendant is suspected of committing or attempting to commit more than one murder at the same time
  • The murder was committed by means of poison or a lethal substance
  • The murder was committed for financial gain
  • The murder was committed to avoid or prevent arrest
  • The defendant has previous convictions of murder, a felony involving violence, or another serious felony

Seek experienced, intelligent defense counsel

If you or someone you love has been accused of the most serious criminal charge that a person can face in Utah, you need equally serious representation. Each homicide defense lawyer at Intermountain Legal possesses the fortitude and legal skill to defend against murder charges, understanding that our clients are putting their lives in our hands. Because we recognize this supreme act of faith in our professional capabilities, we fight for our clients and put everything we have into building and presenting the strongest defense possible in every case. Contact Intermountain Legal online or call us at 801-990-4200 today for a free initial consultation with one of our experienced attorneys.