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While permitted in many states, Utah has taken a hard line on the vice crime of gambling and has adopted a specific public policy against the practice. Gambling in all forms as well as the use of public video gaming devices is a criminal offense under Utah law, carrying substantial criminal penalties for any individual or business establishment that engages in, promotes or permits it on their premises. Gambling charges against businesses are especially serious, requiring the prompt attention of a Utah gambling attorney. Our experienced and conscientious lawyers at Intermountain Legal have defended many individuals and businesses against these charges. We understand how prosecutors approach gambling in Utah and use this knowledge to broker timely and favorable resolutions to our clients’ cases.

Penalties for illegal gambling in Utah

Gambling in Utah is a Class B misdemeanor, although repeat offenders may be charged with a Class A misdemeanor. In addition, knowingly and intentionally offering or providing online gambling service to any person within is a Class A misdemeanor. Promoting gambling is also a Class B misdemeanor with repeat offenses being potentially elevated to a third-degree felony. Possession of a gambling device or a record of bets is also a Class B misdemeanor. Finally, gambling fraud — which includes acquiring property in any gambling operation in which the odds are skewed in one’s favor — is graded in the same manner as theft of property of equivalent value. This means it can range from a Class B misdemeanor for less than $500 to a second-degree felony for more than $5,000.

These strict laws make it clear that Utah is serious about its gambling policy. If you have been charged with gambling in Utah or other related crimes, it is important that you promptly consult a criminal defense attorney who knows how to approach these charges. Our Utah gambling defense attorneys at Intermountain Legal can use their knowledge of the prosecutorial process to your advantage in building a strong defense against these allegations.

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