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Intermountain Legal provides aggressive legal defense for individuals charged with financial fraud involving stolen credit cards, forged checks and other forms of theft by identity theft.

If you are under investigation for credit card fraud, either because of using another person’s account number or illegal use of the Internet, get the legal help you need right away. Former prosecutor Steve Burton has handled thousands of criminal cases and has won more than 100 criminal trials. He handles all types of criminal cases, including fraud cases involving the use of a stolen account number or credit card. He understands the complex financial issues involved in gathering evidence and he knows the strategies the prosecutor will use as they try to get a conviction.


One Careless Mistake Shouldn’t Lead to a Lifetime Conviction on Your Record

Many people charged with credit card fraud really didn’t intend to commit a serious crime. Often, theft by credit card or stolen check is a crime of convenience and desperation. If you made a mistake, Intermountain Legal will help you try to make things right.

Worrying Won’t Help. Finding the Right Attorney Will.

Steve works aggressively with prosecutors to try to find a solution that won’t involve a conviction or jail time. Often, the owner of a stolen credit card or check book is more interested in having the funds repaid, rather than seeing anyone put in jail.

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We will represent clients in all types of identity theft fraud, including misdemeanors and felonies such as:

  • Debit card and credit card fraud, using a stolen credit card
  • Internet credit card fraud, phishing
  • Check forgery, theft by check
  • Embezzlement
  • Unauthorized withdrawal from a bank account or ATM
  • Mortgage or loan fraud
  • Illegal skimming charges

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