Discharge of a Firearm from a Vehicle in Utah

Principled defense for charges involving reckless gun use

The responsible use of firearms caDrive by Shooting Utah. Discharge of a firearm from vehicle.n prevent gun-related injuries. To that end, Utah law imposes strict criminal penalties for certain types of conduct involving firearms. Conviction of any of these charges can also result in driver’s license suspension and other administrative penalties. These charges are potentially serious and, in some cases, can be highly technical. Therefore, it is to your benefit to consult one of our experienced criminal defense attorneys at Intermountain Legal. We can analyze your circumstances to determine the best approach for swiftly and favorably resolving your case.

Utah firearm violations

Utah law makes it a criminal act to discharge any kind of dangerous weapon or firearm under any of the following circumstances:

  • From an automobile or other vehicle
  • From, upon or across a highway
  • At a road sign
  • At communications or utility equipment
  • At railroad equipment or facilities
  • Inside a Utah state park or other recreational area
  • On private property within 600 feet of any building without the owner’s permission

Discharge of a firearm from a vehicle in Utah is a Class B misdemeanor. It is also a strict liability offense, meaning the actor’s knowledge or intent is irrelevant in determining guilt. Conviction can lead to fines and imprisonment as well as suspension of your driver’s license and concealed weapons permits. Moreover, this type of charge may frequently be accompanied by a charge of reckless endangerment depending on the circumstances.

Defending against firearms charges

Because the state need not show intent, defense attorneys must take a different approach. A defense attorney might cast doubt upon whether the defendant’s actions actually amounted to the prohibited conduct — such as whether the shot was fired within 600 feet of a building or whether the bullet actually passed over a highway. As the state must prove these facts beyond a reasonable doubt, calling them into question can create a great deal of leverage for obtaining a plea bargain or dismissal.

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