Interruption of a Communication Device in Utah

Protecting those accused of false or inflated charges

Domestic disputes can frequently get ugly. And both parties may find themselves saying and doing things in the heat of the moment that they would have never considered with a clear head. The law understands the importance of fighting domestic violence and protecting victims and potential victims by imposing harsh penalties. But unfortunately, it is all too easy for angry spouses or partners to use these laws as a weapon through false or inflated allegations or for otherwise reasonable and law abiding individuals to face disproportionate punishment for one isolated mistake such as interruption of a communication device. The attorneys of Intermountain Legal in Salt Lake City are sympathetic to people in this position. We can fight hard to protect you from being railroaded by a justice system that is all too willing to assume the worst about those accused of domestic violence.

Damage to or interruption of a communication device

Under Utah law, actual violence or contact is often not necessary for a person to face domestic violence or other similar charges. Threats of violence are a crime in and of themselves even if the violence itself is never carried out. What’s more, under Section 76-6-107.1 of the Utah Criminal Code, interruption of a communication device is a Class B misdemeanor offense. The wording of the statute does not necessary require this to occur by force, violence or intimidation. This, unfortunately, makes it a surprisingly easy crime to inadvertently commit.

A Class B misdemeanor is the same offense level as a first-time DUI with no aggravating circumstances, meaning it is a fairly serious crime that can result in substantial fines and even confinement. It can also create a criminal record that can follow you for years to come. Considering a person can commit interruption of a communication device simply by unplugging a phone or pressing the disconnect button, these are weighty penalties indeed. That is why if you have been charged with this crime it is crucial that both prosecutors and the court have all the facts.

Without an experienced attorney to advocate on your behalf, these officials may be inclined to accept the account of your accuser as the truth. In this type of case, the only two reliable witnesses are usually the accuser and the accused. This means the respective credibility of each witness is of the utmost importance. An effective defense attorney from Intermountain Legal can identify and voice the flaws in your accuser’s account to help the court understand what really happened and render a decision accordingly.

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