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As with all criminal offenses of a sexual nature, prostitution charges — including aiding and exploiting prostitution — can have a huge impact on the reputations of the people and organizations involved. This is in addition to the legal penalties — such as fines and confinement — that such offenses bring. And under Utah’s broad and vague laws, it is all too easy for innocent people to become the victims of misunderstanding or overzealous prosecutors. At Intermountain Legal, our attorneys are adept at defending both individuals and organizations against these damaging charges.

Utah prostitution crimes

The Utah Criminal Code defines three prostitution-related crimes. Prostitution — engaging in sexual activity for a fee; being an inmate of a house of prostitution or loitering within public view for the purpose of being hired for sexual activity — is a Class B misdemeanor upon a first offense. In many cases, a second or subsequent offense is a Class A misdemeanor. The vague definition of this crime has led to some criticism but also gives Utah defense lawyers ample grounds for argument.

Aiding prostitution is another broad offense that applies to those who solicit customers for prostitutes, knowingly lease hotel rooms or other premises for the purposes of prostitution or provide any other services that facilitate prostitution. Aiding prostitution is also a Class B misdemeanor for a first offense and can be elevated to a Class A misdemeanor for repeat offenders.

The crime of exploiting prostitution generally applies to individuals or organizations that allegedly organize and run prostitution organizations — those colloquially referred to as pimps. This is a serious crime classified as a third-degree felony. If, however, the victim was induced to prostitution by force, threat or fear; is under the age of 18; or is the spouse of the alleged actor, the crime of aggravated exploitation applies. This is a second-degree felony punishable by up to 15 years in prison. Charges of this gravity truly merit the attention of an attorney.

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Prostitution-related charges can be socially and professionally devastating. But at Intermountain Legal, our attorneys in are zealous defenders of those subjected to these damaging allegations. Our sexual solicitation lawyers in Utah understand how to fight these charges, helping you restore your reputation and avoid harsh criminal penalties. We know the law and we know the process. Call our office today at 801-990-4200 or contact us online to begin taking control of your legal troubles.


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