Possession of a Weapon or Firearm in an Airport in Utah

Helping to minimize potentially serious weapons possession charges

The reason firearms are banned in the secure areas of an airport should be fairly obvious. And while the scope of this ban is not subject to much debate or interpretation, the mindset attributed to the offender can have a huge impact on the severity of the penalties. If you are facing charges for the possession of a weapon or firearm in a Utah airport, having a good attorney can be the difference between a citation and a criminal record. Our dedicated team at Intermountain Legal can analyze your case to draw out the facts that weigh most heavily in your favor, seek the exclusion of improperly obtained evidence and negotiate with authorities to bring a swift and favorable resolution to these charges.

Airport weapon possession grading and penalties

The mere act of bringing a weapon into the secure area of an airport, even if accidentally, is a violation. Under Section 76-10-528 of the Utah Criminal Code, accidental or even reckless possession of a firearm in an airport in Utah is an infraction — a minor summary offense much akin to a traffic ticket. Willfully or deliberately bringing a firearm into an airport, however, is a Class A misdemeanor punishable by fines and imprisonment of up to one year. Thus, the defendant’s state of mind is of crucial importance.

Fighting airport firearm possession charges

Most frequently, proving a client did not act with intent is an attorney’s primary concern when dealing with a firearm possession in an airport charge. While it is nearly impossible to prove what a person was actually thinking, an experienced attorney can use the surrounding circumstances to demonstrate a client did not intentionally violate the law. While this will not wholly avoid a conviction, it can save the client from a criminal record and jail time and can substantially limit the possible fine.

In other cases, however, an attorney may take a different approach. If authorities violated the defendant’s constitutional rights — such as through an illegal search — the evidence they discover may be excluded from the case. Identifying these evidentiary issues can create a great deal of leverage in the plea-bargaining process and can lead to dismissal of the charges if the presiding judge finds that key evidence was illegally obtained.

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Possessing a firearm in an airport can be either a serious charge or a minor one depending on how you handle it. The attorneys at Intermountain Legal understand how to confront these potentially major charges in a manner that achieves a favorable and swift resolution. We know the law and we know the process. Call our office today at 801-990-4200 or contact us online to begin taking control of your legal troubles.


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