Conflicts with Police in Utah

Helping to resolve charges of interfering with law enforcement

As the embodiment of the state’s authority to maintain law and order, police officers deserve a great deal of respect.  It’s understandable, then, that Utah law provides serious criminal penalties for conduct that interferes with police business. Conflicts with police in Utah can also complicate or exacerbate the defense of other charges. Even when underlying charges are dismissed, ancillary charges such as interfering with an arresting officer can have serious consequences.

If you face criminal charges for allegedly interfering with police business, contacting an attorney should be your first priority. At Intermountain Legal, our lawyers in Salt Lake City understand the most efficient means of defending against these charges and have helped individuals throughout the state obtain dismissals, plea bargains and reduced sentences.

Charges for interfering with police business

Conflicts with police can take several forms, and each can be a serious criminal offense. An experienced attorney can help with the following charges:

  • Filing a false police report — Knowingly giving false information to a peace officer or any state or local agency is a serious offense. Filing a false police report in Utah can lead to fines, jail time and a criminal record.
  • Interfering with an arresting officer — The offense of interfering with an arresting officer can include many forms of conduct, some quite minor. These charges may still stand even if the underlying offense for which you were arrested is dismissed.

Fighting these types of charges can be difficult. Police officers have a great deal of credibility, so their testimony is given substantial weight. Creating reasonable doubt in these types of cases can be a challenge. But a skilled attorney can analyze your particular facts and circumstances and identify the best approach to take.

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