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Protecting your parental rights in Utah

When one parent has sole physical and legal custody of children, the other natural parent usually has a right to periodic visitation, or what is known in Utah as parent time. In most cases, parents and their parent time attorneys in Salt Lake City can negotiate a schfather and son during visitation - Intermountain Legal - Family Law Attorney Salt Lake City, Utahedule that works for both parties and benefits the children involved. But sometimes, in cases where the custodial parent is concerned about abuse or neglect or is simply unwilling to allow visitation, litigation becomes necessary. With substantial experience in family law, our team at Intermountain Legal takes a pragmatic approach to resolving these difficult issues. But we are always prepared to advocate before the court on your behalf when necessary to protect your interests and those of your children.

Determining visitation and parent time in Utah

Visitation can be a contentious issue that a Salt Lake City divorce lawyer will usually address in negotiating a divorce settlement. But further controversy may arise if circumstances change following the final decree. Moreover, visitation is frequently an issue between unmarried parents outside the context of divorce. In deciding parent time issues, the best interests of the children involved are of primary importance. Nevertheless, Utah law provides minimum entitlements to parent time for noncustodial parents. For children between the ages of 5 and 18, this includes one weekday evening a week, every other weekend and certain holidays every other year. Different guidelines apply for children under five.

From both a legal and practical standpoint, a negotiated visitation schedule is preferable to one imposed by the court. Visitation lawyers in Salt Lake City usually attempt to facilitate negotiation on this issue to spare clients and their children the trauma and expense of litigation. We at Intermountain Legal realize that concerns over a noncustodial parent’s habits or maturity as well as conflicts with an intractable custodial parent may make litigation necessary. Our principal parent time lawyer Hailey Black, fully understands these issues and has effectively represented both custodial and noncustodial parents as well as grandparents and other parties entitled to visitation.

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Intermountain Legal provides compassionate support and legal representation to clients throughout Utah during difficult divorce proceedings and child visitation disputes. We make client concerns our top priority and make every effort to resolve family law issues in the most beneficial and practical manner possible. But our clients can still count on us to be aggressive advocates for their interests when necessary. Call our office today at 801-990-4200 or contact us online to schedule a 30-minute attorney consultation for $75 to discuss your family law matter.

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