Stalking Defense in Utah

Fighting allegations of menacing conduct

As a broadly defined crime, stalking in Utah includes a wide variety of conduct. It also frequently appears in the midst of domestic disputes and, unfortunately, can be used as a weapon by a former spouse or partner. These are, nevertheless, serious charges that can amount to a felony under some circumstances. If you have been accused of stalking, one of the experienced attorneys at Intermountain Legal may be able to help protect you from serious criminal penalties. We can investigate the allegations, build a compelling defense and work with the prosecutor to favorably resolve the charges.

What constitutes stalking in Utah?

Under Utah law, stalking is an intentional course of conduct that the actor knows or should have known would cause fear or emotional distress in a reasonable person. Stalking conduct can include:

  • Repeatedly following someone
  • Direct confrontation
  • Communication with third parties about the person
  • Interference with the person’s property
  • Phone calls, text messages or computer messages
  • Monitoring or surveilling
  • Threats
  • Unwanted communication with the person
  • Appearing at a person’s workplace or residence
  • Sending items to the person

When a person establishes a pattern of deliberate conduct that includes these or other similar acts, stalking charges may follow. Under normal circumstances, stalking is a Class A misdemeanor. If, however, the defendant lives with the victim, has previously been convicted of stalking or certain felonies or violates a criminal stalking injunction, it is a third-degree felony. For defendants with a more extensive criminal history or those who used a deadly weapon or other dangerous means in the course of their conduct, stalking is a second-degree felony.

Stalking is a complex and somewhat subjective charge that gives Utah stalking defense attorneys numerous avenues for building a strong defense. To sustain this charge, the state must usually establish beyond a reasonable doubt that the defendant engaged in a course or pattern of conduct directed at a specific individual that would place a reasonable person in fear or distress. By casting doubt upon any of these elements, an experienced stalking attorney in Utah can weaken the prosecution’s case and lay the groundwork for a favorable plea bargain, dismissal or acquittal.

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Stalking charges are frequently complex and always serious, occasionally amounting to a felony offense. If you are facing these serious allegations, an attorney from Intermountain Legal can help you take the steps necessary to protect your rights during the criminal process. We know the law and we know the process. Call our office today at 801-990-4200 or contact us online to begin taking control of your legal troubles.


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