Interference with an Arresting Officer in Utah

Helping you fight charges of resisting arrest

If you are placed under arrest, cooperation is the best policy in nearly all cases. Utah law imposes strict penalties for resisting arrest or interfering with the arrest of another, and even seemingly innocuous and minor conduct can constitute resistance. Moreover, even if the charges underlying your arrest are ultimately dismissed, interference with an arresting officer may stand on its own. At Intermountain Legal we use our practical knowledge of the criminal justice system to help clients fight these substantial charges. Our thorough understanding of the criminal code allows us to identify weaknesses in the case against you and use those weaknesses as leverage for obtaining a dismissal or favorable plea bargain.

What is resisting arrest in Utah?

Under Utah law, the crime of interference with an arresting officer is broadly defined to include not only acts of violence but also any use of force as well as any other act that impedes an arrest. Even inaction, such as refusing to follow instructions from a police officer, can lead to a person being charged for interfering with an arrehandcuffs/arreststing officer. Lastly, these charges can stem from conduct that interferes with the arrest of a person other than you.

Resisting arrest is often combined with other charges. But interfering with an arresting officer is still a Class B misdemeanor and a serious criminal offense. As with other crimes involving conflicts with police in Utah, even if the other charges against you are dropped, a resisting charge can still mean fines, jail time and a criminal record. That’s why people accused of resisting arrest should consult an experienced criminal defense attorney immediately.

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