Voyeurism Defense Attorneys in Utah

Protecting clients’ reputations for the long term

In addition to the fines and possible incarceration that charges of voyeurism bring, such allegations carry significant social stigma and can lead to the life-long labeling of the accused as a pervert. Voyeurism attorneys in Utah understand that clients facing these types of charges are concerned for their freedom and their reputations. Our team at Intermountain Legal takes this into account and makes every effort to resolve these embarrassing charges in a way that is sensitive to our clients’ concerns. As a law firm that includes former prosecutors, we are adept at working with local district attorneys to spare our clients public humiliation. But we are also ready to fight in court when it is in our clients’ bests interests and consistent with their wishes.

The crime of voyeurism in Utah

Voyeurism is the act of surreptitiously viewing a portion of a person’s body under circumstances in which that person would have a reasonable expectation of privacy and without that person’s knowledge or consent. Some examples would be watching someone undress through a bedroom window. This type of voyeurism is a Class B misdemeanor unless the victim is under the age of 14, in which case it is elevated to a Class A misdemeanor.

Voyeurism performed with the aid of any device that allows recording or remote viewing — such as a camera, webcam or closed circuit television system — is considerably more serious and is normally a Class A misdemeanor with distribution or sale of the recordings obtained being a third-degree felony. If committed against a child with an electronic aid, it is a third-degree felony, and distributing or selling the product is a second-degree felony.

Fighting voyeurism charges in Utah

With the current advances in information technology and electronics, voyeurism has actually become more of a problem than in the past. Camera phones, webcams and other devices have made the crime easier to commit and have stretched the scope of what constitutes voyeurism well beyond our former understanding. Utah attorneys consistently see individuals stumble into this crime through impulsive action and isolated lapses of judgment. The Utah lawyers at Intermountain Legal understand how easy it is for this to happen and firmly believe that people should not face life-altering consequences and social stigma for a single poor decision. We strive to be a source of strength and comfort for clients facing these serious charges.

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Facing allegations of voyeurism, lewdness or other sexual crimes is a stressful experience. But as a client of Intermountain Legal, you can put your trust in a team who will fight for your interests, be sympathetic to your needs and keep you informed as your case progresses. We know the law and we know the process. Call our office today at 801-990-4200 or contact us online to begin taking control of your legal troubles.


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