Utah Disorderly Conduct Attorney

Because of the extremely broad way in which the Utah law is written, a criminal charge for Disorderly Conduct can sneak up on almost anyone at any time.  Most people who are charged with Disorderly Conduct in Utah are ordinary, law-abiding citizens who never expected to have a run-in with the police.  Disorderly Conduct is a catch-all charge that Utah Police often use simply to defuse a situation in which no other criminal charges apply.  In these situations, the difference between Disorderly Conduct and slightly attention attracting behavior may be nothing more than the police officer’s point of view.  Whatever the circumstances, Disorderly Conduct is a real crime which can result in a criminal record and other inconvenient consequences such as fines and even jail time.  If you have been charged with Disorderly Conduct in Utah, you need to take the charges seriously.  At Intermountain Legal our experienced Disorderly Conduct lawyers know the Utah Disorderly Conduct laws inside and out.  We can help you understand your Disorderly Conduct charges and what your next steps should be.  With our extensive knowledge of the Utah criminal courts, our Disorderly Conduct attorneys can help you navigate the system with confidence and come out on the other side with results that won’t scar the rest of your life.

Utah Disorderly Conduct Law

Under the Utah law, a person can be found guilty of Disorderly Conduct under any of the following circumstances:

  • Refusing to comply with a police officer’s order to move from a public place.Disorderly Conduct. Man yelling at neighbor with dog.
  • Knowingly creating a hazardous or physically offensive condition by an act which serves no legitimate purpose.
  • Fighting or engaging in other violent or threatening behavior.
  • Making unreasonable noises in a public place.
  • Making unreasonable noises in a private place which can be heard in a public place.
  • Obstructing vehicle or pedestrian traffic.

A public place, according to Utah law, is any place to which the public or a large group of people has access.  This can include streets, schools, hospitals, apartment buildings, office buildings, and shops.  In reality, the Utah Disorderly Conduct laws can be applied to almost any location and any circumstance.

Utah Disorderly Conduct Consequences

If a person has been asked by a Utah law enforcement officer to discontinue conduct which could be considered disorderly and they then persist in that conduct, they can be charged with a class C misdemeanor.  A class C misdemeanor is considered a crime and will go on your criminal record.  If convicted of a class C misdemeanor in Utah, the criminal consequences can include fines up to $750 and possible jail time of up to 90 days.  If the person does stop the disorderly behavior after being asked to do so, or if they have not been asked to stop, they can still be charged with an infraction.  An infraction is similar to a traffic ticket.  It can result in fines, but there are usually no criminal consequences.

With the help of a Utah criminal defense attorney, charges of Disorderly Conduct sometimes come about as part of a plea agreement to charges of Domestic Violence.  This kind of a plea deal takes the charges outside of the realm of Domestic Violence crimes and their consequences, and therefore is not subject to the Utah laws which prohibit a person who has been convicted of Domestic Violence from owning a firearm.

Contact a Utah Disorderly Conduct Lawyer

Because of the subjective nature of the law, not all charges of Disorderly Conduct are legitimate crimes which deserve to proceed through the Utah criminal court system.  The Disorderly Conduct criminal defense lawyers at Intermountain Legal have the knowledge and experience to sort through what is legitimate and what should be dismissed.  When you call, you will speak directly with a Disorderly Conduct defense attorney who will help you understand your unique situation and the best road to take moving forward.  People who get the help of a Disorderly Conduct lawyer almost always get better outcomes in their Disorderly Conduct cases than those who try to work through the criminal process on their own.  Our Disorderly Conduct defense lawyers have helped hundreds of people and we can help you.  Call 801-990-4200 for a free consultation.