Possession of OxyContin in Utah

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Back alley purchases are not the only places where drug crimes take place: They can just as easily occur at your local pharmacy. In fact, drug crimes involving prescription medications are becoming more common. Depending on the drug involved, they can be just as serious as crimes involving heroin, cocaine or other street drugs. Possession of OxyContin without a valid prescription is a serious crime. And if you or a loved one has been charged with unlawfully possessing this narcotic pain reliever, it requires serious attention. Through our practical experience on both sides of the criminal process, the skilled team at Intermountain Legal knows how to get results for our clients facing possession charges.

Oxycontin Possession in Utah. Oxycontin PillsHow Utah drug laws treat Oxycontin

Under the Utah Controlled Substances Act, OxyContin — a brand name for the pain–relieving drug oxycodone — is a Schedule II narcotic. This means that, while OxyContin is commonly prescribed by medical professionals to relieve moderate to severe pain, without a prescription it is the same as possession of meth — a third-degree felony. Even being in possession of an altered or forged prescription without actually being in possession of the drug is a Class B misdemeanor.

Regardless of what the law says, most people simply do not think of illegally obtained prescription drugs as being in the same class as hard street drugs like cocaine and meth. Because of this misconception, normally law-abiding people can find themselves facing serious charges for isolated incidents involving prescription drugs. Evidence of particularly high prescription drug abuse in Utah has motivated the state to take a very hard line on the issue. Make no mistake — if you are charged with possession of even a small amount of OxyContin or another similar drug without a valid prescription, you will likely face serious charges that require the attention of a skilled lawyer.

The team at Intermountain Legal in Salt Lake City has substantial experience defending clients against all kinds of drug possession charges, including those involving prescription drugs. We are straightforward with our clients about the positions they find themselves in and keep them informed throughout the process. We are also fierce advocates who closely scrutinize the facts to find weaknesses in the state’s case and bring mitigating factors to the attention of both the judge and prosecution.

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