Commonly Asked Questions

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DUI Questions

What is the DUI Process in Utah?

How much will a DUI cost me in Utah?

What are the penalties for DUI in Utah?

If I get pulled over for DUI, do I have to answer the officer’s questions?

If I get pulled over for DUI, do I have to perform the Field Sobriety Tests?


Domestic Violence Questions

What is considered Domestic Violence in Utah?

What are the penalties for Domestic Violence in Utah?


Questions About the Utah Criminal Process

What is the criminal court process in Utah?

What is an Initial Appearance?

What is a Scheduling Conference?

What is a Preliminary Hearing?

What is an Arraignment?

What is a Pre-trial Conference in Utah?

What happens at Sentencing?


General Questions

Do I need an attorney?

How much does an attorney cost?

What are the penalties for my charges?

What are the penalties for a misdemeanor in Utah?

What is the difference between a misdemeanor and a felony?

What do I do if someone I care about is arrested?

What do I do if I have a warrant out for my arrest?

If I am the victim, can I drop the charges?

Can the police come in my house without a warrant?

Can the police question me once I ask for an attorney?

What is a Plea in Abeyance?

Should I plead guilty at my first court date?

What if the police didn’t read me my rights?

When do the police need a warrant to arrest me in Utah?

Where can I find information on an arrest warrant in Utah?


Criminal Law Resources

Criminal Law Links and Resources

Criminal Defense Tips

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