Criminal Defense Tips

Suggestions on what to do if you are pulled over or arrested

Keep accurate records of your interactions with police

When you get the bad end of a meeting with the police, take immediate notes about as many details as you can remember. Officers don’t remember the stuff that wins your case, just the stuff that hurts you.

Don’t argue with the police about traffic offenses

Defendants win less than 1% of traffic cases, so the best chance of avoiding a ticket is in the 60 seconds after being stopped. If he goes back to his car, it’s too late. Saying “I know you could give me a ticket,” and then pleading for mercy works 100 times better than arguing. (Only applies to traffic tickets! – If you are being charged with a serious crime do NOT speak with the police)

Do not take field sobriety tests

If you are pulled over for DUI, politely decline to take all field sobriety tests (FSTs). FSTs include the “follow my pen with your eyes” test, the “walk the line” test, and the “one foot stand” test. Even sober people fail FSTs most of the time. You are required to take a breathalyzer or blood test if asked, and you should, but you are not required to take FSTs, so don’t!

The less you say, the better off you’ll be

Never tell an officer “I know my rights.” You really don’t, and the officer knows it. Whether innocent or guilty, if you are being interrogated by police, they already suspect you did something wrong. You always have the right to an attorney and to remain silent, and you should politely and persistently exercise those rights!