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The most important thing to know when facing criminal charges in Utah is that you have certain Constitutional rights. These rights include the right to due process of law, the right to an attorney and the right to know the charges against you. The only way to protect your rights — and your future — is by choosing a criminal defense lawyer who has the experience and commitment necessary to work with you and the courts and achieve the best possible outcome for your case. The Salt Lake City criminal defense lawyers at Intermountain Legal are a seasoned, hard-working defense team with unparalleled knowledge and relationships within the judicial community. We provide straightforward advice on your options — and aggressive defense of your rights.

Whether you live in Park City, Orem or Ogden, we are prepared to negotiate or litigate on your behalf, depending on which method better addresses your charges. We offer you skill, action and commitment at every step of the way.

Tips about criminal defense in Utah

If you are arrested for drug distributionDUI or assault, you cannot adequately protect yourself without legal counsel. In Salt Lake City, Park City or elsewhere, our criminal defense attorneys help you understand the law and navigate the criminal justice system.

The Utah Criminal Code closely defines infractions, misdemeanors and felony crimes. Defense against your criminal charges requires a deep understanding of this Code and experience applying it in Utah courts.

Depending on the circumstances of the crime, you may also be charged federally (under the laws of the United States). The U.S. Government often prosecutes crimes like racketeering, types of fraud and embezzlement, kidnapping, types of cyber and white collar crimes and crimes against federal employees or on federal property.

Whether you’re located in Provo, Salt Lake City, Summit County or throughout the state, the categories of charges you face will be the same. When you’re charged as a criminal, lawyers from our firm help you understand the severity of the charges:

  • Infractions — Traffic and moving violation charges are usually infractions that result only in a fine.
  • Misdemeanor — Punishable by jail, a fine and other penalties. Class A misdemeanors like negligent homicide and possession of small quantities of drugs are more serious than Class C misdemeanors such as driving on a suspended license.
  • Felonies — Also classified by degree, first degree felonies like aggravated murder can lead to the death sentence. Third degree felonies like aggravated assault can lead to up to a five-year prison term.

Arrest means you need defense counsel experienced with Utah law.  If arrested, speak to our firm. From DUI to violent crime, we provide skilled, strategic legal representation.

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Protecting yourself means protecting your rights, regardless of the criminal charge against you. When arrested, Intermountain Legal delivers decisive representation and personal support. Contact us online or call 801-990-4200 today.