Graffiti and Vandalism in Utah

Defending adults and juveniles accused of serious property crimes

Graffiti and vandalism may seem like a common type of youthful mischief. But under Utah law, it has the potential to be a very serious crime depending on the amount of damage involved. Those convicted of painting graffiti may be ordered to pay restitution for any damage caused or to remove the offending graffiti at their own expense. Even for a youthful offender, either of these crimes can be substantial. Therefore, it is important to treat these charges very seriously by contacting a graffiti and vandalism attorney in Utah right away. At Intermountain Legal, our attorneys have experience defending children and adults against these serious charges. We understand the stress of the criminal process and make every effort to keep you informed and quickly and favorably resolve your case.

Utah laws against graffiti and criminal mischief

Graffiti charges vary widely in severity depending upon the amount of money necessary to remove the graffiti or repair or replace the damaged item:

  • Less than $300 — Class B misdemeanor
  • Between $300 and $1,000 — Class A misdemeanor
  • Between $1,000 and $5,000 — Third-degree felony
  • More than $5,000 — Second-degree felony

Vandalism — called criminal mischief under Utah law — is the willful destruction or defacing of the property of another. It can be graded anywhere from a Class B misdemeanor for less than $500 in damage to a second-degree felony for more than $5,000.

These youthful indiscretions are, in fact, very serious criminal charges that need to be promptly addressed by a Utah graffiti and vandalism attorney. Even if the offender is under 18, these charges still can carry major repercussions. At Intermountain Legal, our attorneys have experience in both the criminal justice system and the juvenile court system. Whether you are facing graffiti or vandalism charges personally or your child is facing delinquency proceedings for a similar offense, we can work with state attorneys and the court to obtain a prompt and favorable result.

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Under Utah’s harsh vandalism and graffiti laws, a single poor decision can lead to a criminal record and all the ill effects that come with it. Our Utah graffiti and vandalism attorneys understand how much of an impact these charges can have and build your defense with the seriousness it deserves. We know the law and we know the process. Call our office today at 801-990-4200 or contact us online to begin taking control of your legal troubles.


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