Domestic Violence Assault

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Domestic Violence Offenses Carry Serious Consequences

Utah defines domestic violence as a crime which involves two people who are “cohabitants” of each other, including a person at least 16-years-old who:

  • Is a spouse of the other person involved
  • Is living as if a spouse of the person involved
  • Is related by blood or marriage to the other person involved
  • Has one or more children in common with the other person involved
  • Is the biological parent of the other person’s unborn child
  • Resides or has resided in the same residence as the other person involved

This means that a person can commit domestic assault in many unexpected situations, such as a fight with a roommate, a fight between two adult brothers who lived together 20 years ago, and even something as simple as an 18-year-old girl throwing a shoe at her 17-year-old brother.

Because of the strict laws in Utah, there are severe penalties associated with a domestic assault conviction. Domestic assault can be classified as felony, and even if it is only classified as a misdemeanor, the judge will order your to have a domestic violence evaluation and complete the treatment, classes, or testing the evaluator recommends, which can add up to several hundreds or thousands of dollars. The court will also require you to pay a fine or to serve jail time, depending on the charges and your criminal history, and you will likely be placed on probation for 12 to 24 months.

The non-criminal consequences of a domestic assault conviction can be worse than the criminal penalties ordered by the judge. You could lose your Second Amendment right to bear arms for the rest of your life, and a conviction will appear on any background check for jobs, volunteering, renting an apartment, or traveling to another country. In addition, the damage can extend to your family in many ways.

Seek Intelligent, Strong Defense Representation

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