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Fraud is one of those vague offenses that prosecutors often charge when they can’t put their finger on exactly what seems wrong, but they think a crime has been committed. Often, the charges are stacked on top of other charges.

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Former prosecutor Steven K. Burton has handled thousands of criminal cases and has won more than 100 criminal trials. He has seen first-hand how prosecutors gather evidence to prepare their case. He also knows that prosecutors are often ready to work with defense lawyers to find alternatives to convictions and the harsh penalties that can result from a felony fraud conviction.

Fraud Charges Often Involve Complex Financial Details

Fraud is a complex financial crime. A conviction on your record may prevent you from passing a background check for a job requiring you to handle money or products. If you have been charged with any type, you need experienced, knowledgeable legal defense. Sorting out the complicated details is often complex and requires an understanding of timelines, key players, and your underlying intent. A mistake in judgment does not mean you intended to commit a felony.

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