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Sharing child custody with a former spouse or partner adds a degree of complexity to parenthood. This can be especially true when changing circumstances render a former custody order unworkable or when concerns about the other parent’s fitness necessitate action. While most custody orders encourage the parents to resolve disputes among themselves, all too often court supervision becomes necessary. Custody modification Lawyers in Salt Lake City can help parents negotiate changes to their custody arrangements and, if necessary, can represent their interests in court proceedings. Intermountain Legal is committed to helping parents confront the challenges of joint custody. We strive to facilitate compromise when appropriate but are also prepared to advocate for you in court when necessary.

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Types of custody and reasons for modification

There are two types of child custody in Utah. Physical custody is the right to have actual possession of the child and to determine where he or she lives. Legal custody is the right to make decisions regarding issues such as healthcare and education. Either type of custody may be sole — vested in one parent — or joint — split between both parents. Before a Salt Lake City divorce lawyer can help settle the finer issues of custody, the parents or a court must choose between a sole or joint arrangement.

In the context of modification, there are usually provisions in a custody order or an agreement that allow minor modifications when both parties agree. It is usually the broader modifications — such as a parent who only has visitation seeking partial custody or a parent with shared custody seeking sole custody — that require Salt Lake City custody modification attorneys to get involved.

The overarching concern courts have in modification proceedings is determining what constitutes the best interests of the children involved. In deciding this, however, Utah courts usually consider a number of factors. These often include the conduct and character of each parent and which parent is more likely to allow the child to have a continued relationship with the other parent. Because the court’s analysis is subjective, having an experienced Salt Lake City custody modification lawyer as an advocate can help you put forth a more compelling case. By taking the time to become fully acquainted with your circumstances, a dedicated family law attorney from Intermountain Legal can draw out and highlight the facts that are most favorable to you and make a strong case for your desired custody arrangement.

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The challenges of joint custody continue long after divorce or separation. But our compassionate custody attorneys can help you protect your rights as a parent. Whether you are seeking modification of a custody order or resisting the other parent’s attempt to do so, an attorney from Intermountain Legal can help. Call our office today at 801-990-4200 or contact us online to schedule a 30-minute consultation for the flat fee of $75 to discuss your family law matter with a custody modification lawyer.


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