What do I do if someone I care about is arrested?

If they are still in jail, find out the amount of their bond, and either post the bond, or contact a bonding agent (also known as a professional surety), who for a fee can help post the bond. Most bondsmen charge 15% of the bond amount, which they keep as their fee. If it is a higher bond amount, they may be willing to reduce this amount to 10%. In some cases, the bondsman may want to hold a lien on a house or a car. Some may agree to graduated payments over time. We cannot recommend any specific bondsman, though there are hundreds listed in the phone book.What Happens When Someone I Care About is Arrested

If you cannot post the bond, a judge may be willing to reduce bond. However, your loved one will have to wait until a judge reviews the case, which will require time in jail. If the person you care about has been arrested on a crime of domestic violence, they may not be released until a judge has issued a protective order, the terms of which may prevent the arrestee from returning home.

Once your loved one has been released, he or she must appear in court or you will forfeit the amount of the bond. If the case is serious, contact an attorney.