Do I Need an Attorney for My Divorce?

People do, from time to time, go through simple divorces without an attorney. But having a lawyer can simplify the process and ensure your rights are protected. A lawyer can advise you before you enter into the divorce process, to ensure that you understand your rights and are on the right track to protecting those rights.

If you and your spouse are able to sort out the issues on your own, your lawyer will put your agreement into writing and ensure that you have complied with all of the requirements for obtaining a Decree of Divorce in Utah. Utah offers the Online Court Assistance Program to help parties file their own divorce actions. However, the online forms do not fit every unique situation and can result in confusing outcomes. It is important that your divorce papers be clearly and concisely drafted, in case any disagreements arise after your Decree of Divorce is entered.

In the event that you and your spouse reach an impasse, your family law attorney will play an invaluable role in negotiating a settlement or obtaining your desired results through litigation. Divorce is difficult for everyone involved, and the results of your divorce case may have a significant impact on the lives of you and your family.