Domestic Violence Defense Lawyer

The Right Domestic Violence Attorney for your Case

Our lead domestic violence attorney, Steven K. Burton, is a former prosecutor who has handled hundreds of domestic violence cases.  His extensive experience with these cases has shown him the best strategies for winning domestic violence cases and how to avoid the hidden traps in Utah domestic violence law.  As a prosecutor, he oversaw domestic violence programs in multiple Salt Lake County courts.  As a defense lawyer, he uses his in-depth knowledge to help people facing domestic violence charges.

When you hire Intermountain Legal, you get a team of attorneys who are dedicated to defending your rights and protecting you from serious future consequences.  Because our team has experience on both sides of the legal system, we know what works and what doesn’t.  The domestic violence laws in Utah are extremely strict and can cause long-lasting consequences.  The attorneys on the other side are professionals, and without a professional on your side, you are facing a losing battle.  Our experience will help you level the playing field and give you the best chance for success.

The Challenge of Defending Domestic Violence Cases

Over the past several decades, domestic violence laws across the country have become more and more strict.  Utah is no exception.  Utah lawmakers have tried to “crack down” on domestic violence by making more laws and increasing the penalties.

Unfortunately, these strict laws have caused serious problems for more people than expected.  The laws are now so broad that people often commit domestic violence without realizing it.  If you have ever gotten upset with a family member or roommate and intentionally or accidentally broken something, chances are you’ve committed domestic violence.  Or if you have ever pushed or slapped or hit someone you lived with, even once, you could be convicted of domestic violence.

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The current domestic violence laws also pressure police officers to make an arrest and file charges even in unclear or minor cases; and if they don’t, they have to justify their actions in a report.  This means that many people who would have never been charged 15 or 20 years ago, are now going to jail and facing life-long consequences for anything domestic violence-related.  If you are convicted of domestic violence today, you can lose your job, your ability to volunteer, your right to travel to certain countries, and your right to own a firearm.  The potential fines, jail time, classes, and probation can also be severe.

Contact an Experienced Attorney

If you have been charged with domestic violence, you will need an experienced criminal defense attorney on your side.  The domestic violence lawyers at Intermountain Legal deal with domestic violence cases day in and day out.  We have handled nearly every type of domestic violence case and have had great success in many courts throughout Utah.  If you are looking for a Utah domestic violence attorney who knows the ins and outs of the law, please call to speak with one of our attorneys today.   We will ensure that your case is evaluated by a legal professional with experience in handling your type of case.

If you have been charged, contact Intermountain Legal in Salt Lake City for your free consultation. We will analyze and discuss your options with you and provide valuable legal insight for your situation.  To contact a Utah domestic violence attorney throughout Northern and Central Utah, call 801-990-4200.

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