If I am the victim, can I drop the charges?

A victim does not have the power to drop charges. Charges are brought by the prosecutor, upon recommendation of a police officer. A prosecutor may respect the wishes of a victim and drop the charges, but if there is enough evidence to support a case, it is unlikely the case will be dropped, especially in a crime of domestic violence.

Also, if you tell the prosecutor that you lied to the police about what happened, the prosecutor may charge you with filing a false police report, or may serve you with a subpoena when you go to court. If you are personally served with a subpoena, you must go to court. You may have the right to not testify in certain situations. You should consult with an attorney to know if you fit those circumstances. If you are a victim and feel you are in danger, most cities will have a victims’ advocate that you can call immediately and he or she can direct you to people and resources to keep you safe.


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