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If you have had a conviction or criminal charges following you around for many years, wouldn’t it be great to get the clean slate you deserve. Many people don’t realize that certain types of criminal charges can be erased through a process known legally as expungement. Most expungements are simple enough that you can do your own expungement by filing the proper forms in the proper place. Information about how to do your own expungement is available here. If you decide you qualify for an expungement and would like to hire Intermountain Legal you can plan on paying about $750 for the expungement. Do you qualify for an expungement? Take this Utah Expungement Questionnaire to find out.

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We have prepared a questionnaire that will guide you through a series of questions to determine whether or not you are eligible for a record expungement. Disclaimer: These forms are purely general information and are not legal advice. The forms are not conclusive and should only be used as a general guide. Completing one or both of the forms does not establish an attorney-client relationship. If you would prefer to simply read through the questions, or print them out, you can see the same questions in a list format.

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