Felony DUI Defense in Utah

Most DUIs in Utah are classified as misdemeanor crimes. Some DUIs however, are enhanced to felonies. This section describes some the issues surrounding felony DUIs. If you decide to hire a Felony DUI defense attorney to give you the best defense possible, contact Intermountain Legal for a free consultation.

In Utah, a DUI will be enhanced to a felony if a person inflicts serious bodily injury on someone else as a result of driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, or if this is a third DUI-related conviction within 10 years. Felonies are prosecuted much more vigorously than misdemeanors by the County Attorney’s Office and require a more serious defense. If you are charged with a felony DUI, it is important to make sure that the prior convictions were entered on the record properly. If the prior convictions contain critical errors, then the current case should not be charged as a felony.

Felony DUI Penalties

The penalties for a felony DUI conviction are much more severe than for a misdemeanor conviction. For felonies, the judge is allowed to impose prison time and will require intensive treatment in or out of prison.

The minimum and maximum penalties for a conviction are listed below:

Minimum Sentence (Felony DUI)

Maximum Sentence (Felony DUI)

  • 62.5 days jail (1,500 hours)$2,775 fineAlcohol/Drug Screening, Assessment, Counseling and TestingIntensive treatment or inpatient and aftercare of 240 hours Supervised Probation1 year Driver License suspensionPRIME for Life ClassIgnition Interlock Device
  • DNA Sample Submitted to the State
  • 0-5 year prison term$9,250 FineAlcohol/Drug Screening, Assessment, Counseling and TestingIntensive treatment or inpatient treatment and aftercare of 240 hours to 5 yearsSupervised Probation (If no 0-5 prison term imposed)Additional 2 year Suspension of Drivers LicensePRIME for Life Class
  • Ignition Interlock Device
  • DNA Sample Submitted to the State

As with misdemeanors, most of the time a judge will not impose the maximum penalty for each charge. However, because courts take felony DUIs more seriously the judge may impose a more severe penalty. Also, if you have multiple charges, the judge may add the jail time and/or the fines together.

In addition to court fines, you must also be aware of additional costs associated with a conviction. For DUIs, the court will order substance abuse screening and treatment and often drug or alcohol testing. The cost of treatment and testing will depend on your individual circumstances, but can be thousands of dollars.

Contact a Felony DUI Defense Attorney

Finally, some employers will not or cannot hire or promote employees with certain criminal convictions on their record. This can also affect you financially. If you are concerned about the potential penalties you are facing or have additional questions, you may want to contact our office or call 801-990-4200 for a consultation with a Felony DUI Defense Attorney.

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