Utah DUI Defense Strategy

Utah Defense Attorney Basics

To maximize the chances that your criminal charges will be reduced or dismissed, a skilled DUI attorney will use his knowledge and skill to develop the best defense strategy for each individual case. To determine the best strategy for your case, we analyze each case separately, and then we work hard to passionately advocate on your behalf.

First, we speak with you to hear your side of the story. We want to understand your case. We also answer any questions and give you a good idea of what to expect with your Utah DUI Defense.

Utah DUI Defense AttorneySecond, we analyze the evidence. We look at what evidence is in your favor and what evidence is against you, including any police reports, field sobriety tests (FSTs), chemical tests, witness statements, video or audio recordings, and other physical evidence. From the evidence we determine the strength and credibility of each piece of evidence and whether it was obtained illegally.

Third, based on the evidence, we determine the best defense strategy for your case. From our experience, we know how prosecutors and judges evaluate the different kinds of evidence and we decide the best approach to take in your situation. If the evidence is strong against you, we will work hard to get you the best plea bargain possible. If the police made mistakes, or the evidence against you is questionable, we will fight hard for you in court.

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Intermountain Legal can get involved immediately to maximize your chances of success. By taking immediate action, an attorney can ensure that your rights are protected and that you make the right decisions. A defense attorney will know how to challenge key evidence, which can lead to the reduction or complete dismissal of criminal charges.

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