Determined Lawyers in Salt Lake City Assist People Charged with Robbery in Defending Their Rights

Helping people charged with robbery minimize the serious consequences

Robbery text on sound block & gavelThe consequences of a robbery conviction can be severe, both immediately and in the long term. If you have been charged with robbery, your best course of action is to talk with a criminal defense attorney at Intermountain Legal in Salt Lake City, who has extensive experience and knowledge of Utah robbery laws. It is crucial that you speak with an attorney about your robbery charge before you talk with the police or answer any questions. Lawyers can advise you of your options and help ensure your rights are not violated. Robbery defendants who have a knowledgeable lawyer working on their behalf usually get a better outcome with lesser consequences than those who do not.

Understanding robbery laws in Utah

Robbery is different from the lesser crime of theft in Utah, because it involves using force or fear. Under Utah robbery laws, a person commits robbery if he or she takes or tries to take personal property away from another person against their will by using force or fear. In order for there to be force or fear, the victim must be present, so the property that is taken must be either on the victim or in the immediate presence of the victim. It does not matter whether the perpetrator intended to take the victim’s property permanently or only temporarily.

A person can also commit robbery if, while committing a theft or fleeing from a theft, he or she intentionally uses force or the fear of force against another person. In this scenario, the person subjected to the force or fear need not necessarily be the person whose property is being taken. This charge is applicable even if the perpetrator is not successful in taking the personal property, so if you face criminal charges even when theft did not occur, it is important to seek immediate legal help from attorneys such as ours at Intermountain Legal.

What is aggravated robbery under Utah law?

The more serious charge of aggravated robbery in Utah occurs in specified situations where the crime is considered more severe. First, a person can be charged with aggravated robbery if he or she uses or threatens to use a dangerous weapon while committing a robbery. A dangerous weapon does not have to be a gun or a knife. It can be any object, no matter how common, that could be used in a dangerous way. Second, it can be charged if a person causes serious bodily injury to another person while committing the robbery. Third, a person can be charged with aggravated robbery if he or she takes or tries to take a functional motor vehicle.

Penalties for robbery convictions

Under Utah robbery laws, robbery is a second-degree felony with penalties that can include one to fifteen years in prison and a fine of up to $10,000. Aggravated robbery is a first-degree felony, for which penalties can include five years to life in prison and a fine of up to $10,000. In addition, in most robbery and aggravated robbery cases, the Utah court orders the defendant to pay restitution to the victim, which means that you must repay the victim for the property that was taken if you are convicted. Finally, a felony conviction remains on a person’s criminal record and is accessible to anyone, such as a prospective employer who does a background check.

Contact a criminal defense lawyer with the experience to help in serious cases

Robbery is a serious crime for which you need serious and experienced representation. When you call Intermountain Legal in Salt Lake City, you have the opportunity to speak directly to an experienced criminal defense lawyer. During your free consultation, we talk to you about the facts of your case and give you an idea what you can expect in your upcoming dealings with the Utah court system. Our attorneys have experience dealing with robbery cases from both sides of the aisle, both defending people facing charges and formerly prosecuting defendants. We have the relationships and experience to help you get the best possible outcome. Call 801-990-4200 today or contact us online.