How Does the Process of Enforcing Child Support Work?

Despite the fact that a Utah court orders child support, sometimes you can run into problems getting paid. Your ex does not pay, pays late or does not pay the full amount. Some custodial parents retaliate by denying the other parent visitation. However, withholding parent time is illegal. Likewise, if the custodial parent withholds parent time, the noncustodial parent cannot use it as a justification not to pay support. Salt Lake City child support enforcement lawyers can provide you with the legal guidance necessary to enforce a child support order.

Utah State Courts have procedures for enforcing child support orders. Your lawyer must file copies of the motion for order to show cause with the Child Support Division of the Attorney General along with the statement supporting the motion and the order to shoHow is the child support agreement enforced?w cause. Sometimes courts appoint children a guardian ad litem, who is an attorney that protects their rights. A court appointed guardian ad litem must also receive copies. The responding party has five business days before the hearing to file a response and serve other parties with documents. However, Fifth District does not have this requirement for respondents to file documents before holding the hearing. For an evidentiary hearing, parties must present evidence. If the hearing is not an evidentiary hearing, then the court schedules one, if necessary. However, in many cases, parties settle before or after the first hearing.

If you encounter problems with child support, discuss your issues with child support enforcement attorneys in Salt Lake City.

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