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May 2013

The Price of Mischief

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Who does not like a clever April Fools joke? It is a day beloved by pranksters who spend the remaining 364 days of the year trying to dream up something to top the stunt they pulled the year before. But any action that ends up destroying property or injuring someone can be costly, both monetarily and legally. Read More

How do I get a Domestic Violence No Contact Order dismissed?

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There are several different types of “protective orders” in domestic violence cases.  If you are sent to jail for domestic violence, the jail should have you sign something called a Jail Release No Contact Agreement, which is kind of like a protective order, but is only temporary until you go to court and see the judge.  If your spouse wants, she/he can waive the No Contact Order against you by signing a written waiver, or, when you go to court on your criminal case, you can ask the judge to remove it.  Also, you may be able to hire a domestic violence attorney to negotiate with the prosecutor to have it removed before you go to court. Read More

DUI Attorney Tip of the Week: Do Not Be a Pinocchio

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Here are tips about what works and does not work:

  • What does not work: When you wake up, you are shocked to discover your car windows bashed in. When the police show up, you tell them that you heard the glass breaking at 5:42 in the morning and saw your neighbor running back into his garage with a baseball bat. When the police cross the street to question him, you think, “Sucker! That will teach you to sneak your trash into my garbage can!”

Read More

Utah Laws on Custodial Interference and Intent

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In some disputes over child custody, each parent may be firmly convinced that the other one is unfit. However, unless there is convincing evidence that the child would not be safe and secure with one parent, you can expect family court to make arrangements for the child to maintain ongoing relationships with both parents. In theory, this is the best option for the long-term well-being of the child. Read More

Understanding Utah Stalking Laws

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Example 1: A man believes he is so in love with one of his co-workers that he memorizes her daily schedule. That way, he can cross paths with her when she orders her morning coffee, parks her car and swims laps at her gym after work. He also sends her frequent e-mails and staples notes to the front door of her house. Read More