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The Right Way & Wrong Way to Get a Job | Salt Lake City Criminal Defense Attorney Tip of the Week

By January 31, 2012Criminal Defense

What Doesn’t Work:  Trying to get a job as a graphic designer by spray painting your portfolio on train cars, billboards, overpasses, livestock, milk trucks, sidewalks, etc., etc. (inspired by a true story: Click to Read Article

Cow-Graffiti1What Works:  Making sure you can pass a background check.  Most people don’t know that any time you are charged with anything criminal (ranging from speeding tickets to murder), a record of that charge becomes available online through the court system.  Even if your case is completely dismissed or you are found not guilty, there will still be a record that you were charged.

If you want your record to be completely clean, you must go through the expungement process.  Once a judge orders your record to be expunged, you can have your charges erased from all local and state government records.  The process is somewhat complicated, but you can do it yourself for about $250 or have an attorney do it for about $750.

So, in a time where jobs and promotions are hard to come by, spending some extra time to make sure your record is completely clean can make a huge difference.  If you have something you want to expunge, go to https://www.utexpungement.com/ to see if you are eligible.

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