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Two Packs for Legal Advice | Criminal Defense Attorney Tip of the Week

Judge-Judy-Criminal-Defense-Attorney-TipWhat Doesn’t Work:  Trading two packs of cigarettes to your cellmate for his great legal advice…especially when tells you, “Don’t worry Man, I’ve watched every episode of Judge Judy since 1996.”

What Works:  Don’t take legal advice from attorneys!…unless they have experience in the area of law you’re dealing with.  Most people think that if someone is an attorney, then they probably know the law.  That’s not true. These days, most attorneys only know the law in a few specific areas.  Don’t rely on advice from an attorney unless he or she has experience in the type of law you’re dealing with.  If the attorney does civil law, don’t rely on any criminal law advice he gives you.  If you need advice on criminal law you really need to speak with a criminal attorney.  If you don’t, there is a good chance you will live to regret it.

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