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Utah Drug Use Defense Law

Cases involving illegal drug use are among the most common in Utah courts. Because of the high number of cases and serious consequences for drug use convictions, prosecutors work hard to push drug cases through the criminal court system as fast as possible. However, despite this pressure to expedite your case, an experienced, aggressive criminal defense attorney will invest the time to scrutinize the facts surrounding your case, formulate a strong defense strategy, and come to court fully prepared to fight the charges.

Utah law defines many different types of controlled substances and categorizes them into different “schedules” according to how dangerous a drug is perceived to be, how addictive the substance is, and if the drug has any proven medical use. The substance schedule, which mirrors the federal government’s drug schedule, is as follows:

  • Schedule I – These drugs, including heroin, LSD, ecstasy (MDMA), and marijuana, have a high risk of abuse, a high tendency for dependency, and have no current medically accepted use.
  • Schedule II – These drugs, including opium, PCP, cocaine, OxyContin®, and methamphetamine, have a high potential for abuse as well as severe dependency, but do have some medically accepted uses.
  • Schedule III – When compared to Schedule II drugs, these drugs, including anabolic steroids, Vicodin, and codeine, have much less potential for abuse and dependency. They also have medically accepted uses.
  • Schedule IV – These drugs, such as Valium and Xanax, are most commonly used as tranquilizers and sedatives. They have a limited potential for dependency and abuse, along with their accepted medical use.
  • Schedule V – In the final category are the least severe drugs, which have a low potential of abuse, limited risk of dependency, and widely accepted medical uses. These drugs include simple medications such as cough syrup.

Along with classification, the quantity of the drug in possession, the purpose for which it is possessed, and any prior convictions determine the seriousness of the charges you may face if you are found using or possessing drugs. Producing, manufacturing, and selling illegal drugs are the most serious drug crimes. In some cases, you can be convicted of possession of drugs with intent to distribute based on the quantity of the drug alone, without any actual evidence of distribution.

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