Theft & Fraud

Intermountain Legal provides exceptional criminal defense representation to clients in Salt Lake City and throughout Utah. Our attorneys have extensive experience handling theft and fraud charges, including:

Strong Defense against Theft Charges

Often used as an umbrella term to reference several different charges, theft is a criminal act involving the stealing or receiving of another person’s property without that person’s consent. The severity of criminal charges will depend upon several factors, including:

  • The type of theft crime committed
  • The value of the stolen property
  • If the person has a prior criminal record
  • If the person used a weapon during the commission of the crime

If you face charges, you need the advice and services of a skilled criminal defense attorney. Our firm will work to negotiate your charges down and keep the arrest from becoming a conviction whenever possible. If we do go to trial,we know how to mount a strong defense against theft charges and achieve optimal results.

Fraud Charges

Fraud is one of those vague offenses that prosecutors often charge when they cannot put their finger on exactly what seems wrong, but they think a crime has been committed. If the state believes you have committed fraud, they will often try to levy as many related charges as they can against you, and as the number of charges increases, the number and severity of potential penalties also multiplies.

Sorting out the details of a fraud case is often complex, requiring an understanding of time lines, key players, and complicated financial transactions. We possess the knowledge and diligence to build in an effective defense strategy to counter these serious charges.

Seek Aggressive, Intelligent Representation

Theft and fraud crimes are particularly threatening to a defendant’s permanent criminal record because they are considered crimes of moral turpitude, which are viewed extremely negatively by employers, licensing boards, and government agencies. Thus, a conviction can severely frustrate efforts you make to procure employment or advance in your career. We help clients mitigate the impact of these charges and minimize damage to their personal and professional lives in the event of conviction. If you have been charged with theft or fraud, contact Intermountain Legal for a free attorney consultation. Let us start working on your defense today.