What Challenges Are Involved With a Utah Guardianship?

Prior to a Utah court appointing a guardian, there are requirements to meet and a level of understanding about the guardian’s duties and responsibilities that the individual must acquire. Guardianship lawyers in Salt Lake City can provide valuable legal guidance for becoming a guardian and continued legal help for complying with duties after appointment.

To become a guardian in the state of Utah, Utah Courts require you to learn about guardianship responsibilities, pass an examination and sign a Declaration of Completion of testing and file it with the court. Sometimes the courts also make the guardian the conservator, which involves managing the person’s financial affairs. Similar to guardianship appointment, conservatorships also require learning about the duties and passing a test. Guardians have to keep good records and must report about the ward’s status to the court and report financial transactions to the conservator, or to the court if there is no conservator appointment. The court expects you to keep a journal or diary to record the ward’s activities and any important occurrences. If the ward does not live with you, you should record the dates you visit the ward. Courts can hold you liable if you do not maintain appropriate records. Guardians must submit an annual report to the court that details the ward’s status.

Salt Lake City guardianship attorneys can help you with your guardianship duties and ensure you comply with Utah statutes.

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