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Criminal and Family Law

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Getting Help Dealing With Domestic Violence

Domestic violence is defined as systematic abuse of a current or former acquaintance, or cohabitant. That may mean a spouse, ex-partner, or family member. The abuse might be physical, sexual, psychological, emotional or financial. Violence of any kind hurts individuals and the community we live in.

Law enforcement in Utah takes domestic violence very seriously ¾ and it should. Statewide, the Utah Domestic Violence Council reported over 3,700 domestic violence criminal charges were filed in 2011.

In mid-October, the Salt Lake Area Family Justice Center on 300 South and 310 East announced receipt of a $900,000 federal grant to fund improved law enforcement services at the Family Justice center for the next two years.

For victims of domestic abuse, this means faster response to potentially dangerous family conditions. Adding to six detectives already on-site, the grant provides funding for a part time county prosecutor and overtime for police to arrest those in violation of protective orders.

For those accused of domestic violence, more funding means better and faster enforcement of already strict laws concerning domestic violence.

If you are involved in a tumultuous family situation, stand down instead of stepping up. If drawn into a domestic dispute and you are arrested, contacting experienced legal help quickly could make a great deal of difference in your case — and your liberties.

The problem is, because of the strictness of domestic violence laws, many non-abusive people are dragged into the criminal system that don’t need to be there. Unfortunately, once you are in the system, it is very difficult to get out. It is almost always necessary to get an attorney to help you. In many heated domestic situations, a fine line exists between a domestic dispute, and abuse of domestic violence law. If you are accused of being over the line, contact our office for help.

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