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Criminal and Family Law

“Hey Mom! I’m On TV!”

By March 25, 2013Criminal Defense

Most people are excited to see friends and family on television. Unfortunately, for acquaintances of the newly incarcerated in Salt Lake City, they may get their chance.

Shot on location at the Salt Lake County jail, the first Utah-based episode of Jail, produced for Spike TV, aired on October 25. According to media hype, the show captures the harsh and sometimes humorous reality of what happens to criminals after they’re caught.

As criminal defense attorneys, we understand what happens after arrest, and the television show offers a look at that reality. But no one is getting their shot at stardom in front of a camera while drunk, arrested for petty theft — or worse. A recent episode caught a distraught, likely drug impaired woman assaulting a pay phone.

If a friend or relative ends up getting a mugshot or a turn on reality TV, you need to know what to do.

Depending on the charge, you may be able to arrange for bail. Bail is paid to ensure a defendant returns to court to face charges. Bonding services usually charge about 15 percent of the bail outright as a fee for their service. If the defendant does not show in court, the entire bond is forfeit, and you owe the bonding service for their loss.

Depending on viewer response, at least five more episodes of Jail are planned at the Salt Lake facility. Tune in to see what it is like. And try to make sure you are not among the cast of characters. Those who attract the cameras often do not like the consequences.

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