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Dollar Store Deception & Shoplifting Savings | Utah Defense Attorney Tip of the Week

What Doesn’t Work
:  Trying to save money by forging price tags at the dollar store: “Sir, is this your handwriting?” “Umm…no.” “You know this is the dollar store, right?”

Retail-Theft-Attorney-Price-TagWhat Works:  Saving lots of money by not shoplifting…especially at Walmart!  If you are caught shoplifting, you can be charged criminally and sued civilly.  If you are found guilty of misdemeanor shoplifting the standard fine is $623 on top of the cost of what was taken.  Also, if you shoplift from a large company, they will usually sue you civilly.  Most companies will make you pay $200—400 for their costs, but Walmart will usually sue for about $700 (for security equipment, personnel, and various other fees).  In some cases, people who have been caught stealing socks or underwear have been asked to pay fines and civil penalties totaling more than $1,300.

Also, if you have a shoplifting / retail theft conviction on your record it will be there for a minimum of five years, and can affect what kind of a job you can get.  If this is a first-time shoplifting /retail theft charge, you may be able to keep it off of your criminal record.  A good criminal defense attorney can tell you the best ways to do that.

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