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Ill-Advised Black Friday Deals and A Tip Every Driver Should Know | Utah Defense Attorney Tip of the Week

By November 23, 2011Criminal Defense

What Doesn’t Work: Advertising your amazing Black Friday deals for all of your “hard to find” merchandise: slightly used wallets, mislabeled prescription drugs, feel goodbrownies, imported DVDs, second hand electronics, and fresh start identity kits with credit cards included (no annual fee, no credit check, only valid for the next 24-48 hours).

What Works: Knowing the difference between a reportable and “non-reportable” auto accident. In Utah, if you get in a car accident, you are only required to report the accident to police if the apparent damage is $1,500 or more, or there is an injury or death.  If the apparent damage is less than $1,500, and there is no injury, then you are not legally required to report the accident to the police. However, you are still required to provide the other driver with your name, address, registration information, insurance information, and driver license information (if requested by other driver).

This can be good to know because, if you think you might get a ticket for the accident, it will likely be better to just work things out with the other driver and avoid getting the courts involved.  If you settle the case out of your own pocket, this may keep your insurance costs from going up. On the other hand, if the damage is $1,500 or above, you and the other driver are legally obligated to stay until the police arrive, and you could get in trouble if the accident is reported and you have left.

So, if you get in an accident with damage below $1,500, and you’re more worried about increased insurance costs than paying for the accident yourself, then it is good to know you have the option to just work it out and not report the accident to police.

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